Professional Dress Fluffer

Besides Wedding Photographer, I have a few other special titles:

I’m a glam emergency queen: I’ve got you covered on bobby pins, dress bustling, boutonniere pinning, and you already know that I’ll make sure there’s no lipstick on your teeth. On a day this big, you want to look your best from every angle and I gotchu babes.

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Bouquet Remember-er

Besides Wedding Photographer, I have a few other special titles:

I was so busy enjoying my wedding day that I forgot to walk down the aisle with my stunning bouquet. (Whoops!) I’ll make sure you feel this care free on your big day ... but now I will always check for the flowers!

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Wherever you are in the wedding planning roller coaster: I get it.
Weddings have their own language and you just want to tie the knot, look bangin’, and dance the night away!

I’m gonna take care of you, lil angel babies! Your wedding really will be the best day ever.  I'm all about setting you up for amazing photos, so I never hesitate to reassure and guide you so that the day runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible. Watch the video below to learn more about my approach!

I believe in celebrating with ice cream. Lets break out the scoop and dig in


Your wedding day is about so much more than the way that it looks - Don't settle! You can count on me to reply promptly, with personality, and to keep things transparent with you every step of the way.

We'll create a relationship so that you and your fiance feel comfortable, prepared, and in control during the entire process. This boutique wedding experience includes customized collections to match your needs, expert posing advice, and quick delivery.

As the extra cherry on top, you'll even have planning and style inspiration resources through my hella cool wedding support group called The Bride Hive. You don't want to miss out!

an experience worth investing in

More than pretty pictures

Lets talk money

Check out this video to see if my finger guns will win you over


"Kyra was our wedding photographer (along with an additional shooter for part of evening) and she was great. She is super friendly and easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She was sure to include all the photo requests I asked for. We even had our wedding sneak peak photos (about 20 photos) back the very next day after your wedding! Thanks so much for last night Kyra, it was amazing!!! Everyone has been saying it’s the best wedding they’ve been too. I definitely recommend using her."


Virginia Based Wedding & Engagement Photographer