There are no redos! I juggle cameras and jump through hoops to keep your day running smoothly.

I communicate quickly, clearly, and always with a GIF from the Voice. (Christina Aguilera is a MOOD okay!?) I’m insured, completely legal, and use professional, high quality gear. Feeling superstitious? I also bring backups for everything, and have a business will in place specifically tailored to ensure the utmost care for your images! 

In a past life I was a social worker, so believe me when I say that you want me on your team for any wedding day crises. Even the little ones like forgetting where your bouquet is! I’m an expert groomsmen wrangler and can make even the sassiest flower girls twirl for a quick photo.

she’s a queen in her world and I am in mine. I’m the pro of weddings and engagements so that you can be 1000% confident that your memories are in the best hands. 



Trust me, you're ready to talk more.

I told you I got you, boo!


Trust me, you're ready to talk more.

I told you I got you, boo!

Q: Do you photoshop images?

Part of the reason that you’re trusting me with your big day is because you’ve seen that my strength is in making you and your partner look your best AND feel comfortable. I am more than happy to smooth skin and flyaway hairs or make minor adjustments to photos, but if you receive your final gallery and request major photo manipulation, then I gladly send it off to be retouched by specialists for an additional cost per photo.

Q: What if something dramatic happens and you can’t show up to our wedding?

It would take a crazy emergency for me to not be there for you, angel baby. If it meant spending the night before your wedding in the ER to be cured of an illness or renting a car to drive to you despite a delayed flight, I will do all the things within my power to be there. Should an extreme circumstance arise, I am a part of several professional photography communities across the US and would reach out to a local professional to take my place for the contracted coverage time at no additional charge to you. You’re taken care of!

Q: Have you ever shot at our venue before? Does that make a difference?

Different times of day, weather, and seasons can all dramatically impact your photos. While I totally understand that you want me to be comfortable with the venue, previously working there does not necessarily mean that I will use the same locations during your session. I always arrive early so I can walk through the venue and choose several location possibilities for the day.

Q: Can I add on to packages later and start with the basics now?

Sometimes a wedding budget feels like a mystery so if your needs change after signing and you are looking to upgrade - I am SO down!

Q: We hate having our photo taken but want gorgeous images from our day. How awkward will this be?

Taking photos doesn’t have to feel like going to the dentist. Pinky promise. I know ✨ the secrets ✨ to posing and prompting y’all so that you look like your best selves all day long. I am no stranger to camera-shy clients. Sessions with me are fun and easy! An added bonus? I crush family photos. (They’re quick, they’re easy, and your mother-in-law will thank you later!) Rowdy wedding parties are no worries in my book, and I’ll double and triple check that no hair ties make an unwanted appearance.

Q: How much time do I need for xxx?

It depends! We will have a 30-minute timeline consultation that takes place 6 weeks before your big day. You’ll receive a questionnaire before the consultation so I can prepare a timeline, and we’ll walk through the details together. I’m around weddings all 👏 the 👏 time 👏 so whether you have a coordinator or not, creating the photo timeline together allows us to be on exactly the same [right] page.

Q: Do you travel for weddings and engagements?

Definitely! There is a set travel cost within Virginia and it is automatically included. Any travel outside of Virginia will be a custom quote, based on location and the duration of my trip.

Q: What is the Bride Hive and who can join?

The Bride Hive is a support group that I created just for my clients! It’s an online community that makes it easy for us to connect. I post announcements, sneak peeks, exclusive offers and host live videos. You can ask questions about all things weddings and planning and I let you walk through the wedding process with me and other brides doing the exact same thing. (I also post cool behind the scenes stuff, an up-to-date client closet that you can borrow from for your sessions, and have lots of recommended vendors there as well!) It can be hard to celebrate your way. Sometimes other people push back against your ideas - the Bride Hive is a safe space to ask other engaged/newly married clients for advice, bounce ideas off of each other or rent/sell wedding decor.




You made it this far!

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