focus on the fun - leave the photos to me!

Want to know the secret ingredient to your favorite photos? Feeling like your best selves in front of the camera. (Hint: That's where I come in!)  Enjoy every second of your wedding day with your loved ones instead of worrying about what to do with your hands. With me, fun comes first.

wedding coverage begins at $2500, and my average client later invests $800 in prints and products to make their memories last.  fill out the form and we’ll make this happen. Its only $1000 to lock me down for your date!

Take me to the form, then!

Part of delivering show-stopping photos is understanding exactly what moments mean the most to you two. It’s different for every couple! After you send in the booking form, I’ll set up a quick call (or send you a text, if you’re a serial phone-call-avoider!) and we’ll figure out what best fits your wedding day needs and your budget.

You’re not going to have a cookie-cutter wedding, so I’m not going to give you cookie-cutter pricing.

I create custom quotes for each and every wedding, with a breakdown of how that applies to the coverage that you're looking for. I’m all about meeting you where you’re at because at the end of the day—I’m a wedding photographer because I *love* the people. If I sound like your kind of human, even if I’m out of your ideal price range, reach out to me!


"Kyra was absolutely the best from beginning to end! My husband and I were instantly put to ease during the entire process as Kyra kept us laughing and moving through poses so efficient and effortlessly. When we received our pictures and they were gorgeous! Leading up to the wedding she was available and ready to answer any questions I asked not only about photography but any wedding issues I needed help on. The pictures she delivered captured the essence of our day and I have so many favorites I don't know how I'll ever pick which ones to hang.”


Suzanne T.

Liesel N

She worked with us from the beginning from our engagement session, to boudoir, and of course on our wedding day. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and she also took extra time to make sure that we got every shot that we wanted. She is such a sweet person and has an amazing spirit, it would be hard to not have fun with her! She was also easy to get ahold of even when she was planning her own wedding during our engagement. We are so so happy we decided to go with Honeycomb Photography and would highly recommend to anyone!

Easy to get ahold of


"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! They are amazing!!!! You are amazing!!!! We LOVE them so much!!! Kyra is and will be the best you can get. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple and made sure our engagement session represented our relationship and who we are. I just loved how she captured us and we couldn’t of asked for anyone better! She was so patient and went out of her way to do anything for us. 100% recommend her!!!"


Virginia Based Wedding & Engagement Photographer